Mission Statement

BJ’s Wholesale Club is committed to delivering outstanding products at an unbeatable value to our members.

Sustainability Commitment

BJ's Wholesale Club acts with high ethical standards and in compliance with the laws that govern our business when dealing with members, vendors and team members, as we work to provide high-quality products at unbeatable value and drive total value to shareholders.

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Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics provides guidance on many ethical and compliance matters that face our team members as they work with each other, our members, vendors and communities. It guides the way we conduct our business. Ultimately, we strive to act responsibly, resiliently and with relevance, while staying committed to our mission and acting in accordance with our Code of Ethics.

With this web page, our goal is to explain how we do our best to incorporate sustainable and environmentally conscious practices into our business. The examples provided here illustrate our progress. We understand that there are still opportunities for improvement and we continue to strive for improvement in our ever-changing and dynamic industry and environment.

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Our Team Members

We work together to create an environment where team members feel included, respected and accepted. We believe that attracting and retaining talent is key to our continued growth and success.

Our Communities

We are dedicated to nourishing our communities and helping families thrive. We believe that supporting the communities in which we live and work generates a positive impact for our members, team members and business.


We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and to act in in an environmentally responsible manner through our operations and merchandising. We believe that reducing our impact saves energy and is financially smart.


We are committed to serving our members and providing unbeatable value for quality goods. Many factors impact our sourcing and we adhere to a vendor code of conduct.